Nearly 90 puppies rescued from Trussville puppy mill

Nearly 90 dogs rescued from puppy mill

TRUSSVILLE, AL (WBRC) - Nearly 90 puppies are in foster homes after being rescued from what authorities are calling a puppy mill.

Trussville police say the house where the animals were being kept was on Floyd Bradford Road.

They say a citizen alerted them when they saw the dogs were in what they considered to be abused and neglected conditions.

The Greater Birmingham Humane Society (GBHS) originally rescued 83 puppies from the location on Monday.

Since then, one of the dogs has given birth to a litter of six, and 10 more dogs are reportedly pregnant.

Police say the dogs' owners were selling parakeets and puppies.

GBHS officials say part of the business was online, and they're using this as an opportunity to warn future buyers.

"If you do buy an animal offline, or buy an animal from somebody, you want to make sure that the parents of that puppy that you're buying are being appropriately cared for," says GBHS Marketing Manager Courtney Underwood. And that is dangerous when you're buying an animal offline because you want to ensure you are supporting responsible breeders. And this is a very clear example of an irresponsible breeder."

Trussville police have charged the owners with cruelty to animals and operating a business without a license.

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