Shipt requests tax incentives to keep HQ in B'ham

Shipt looking for tax incentives

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - WBRC FOX6 News has leaned Shipt would like to have about $2.5 million in tax incentives to keep its headquarters in  Birmingham.

Shipt is a popular delivery service that is growing and many shoppers are adopting. You can have Shipt buyers pick up your groceries and bring them to your home.

"They are satisfying our immediate gratification need In that they are able to service their customers very quickly within an hour or certainly a day," said Stephanie Yates, Director of the Regions Institute for Financial Education.

Target purchased Shipt to help compete with Amazon and it's home-delivery service. Shipt has its headquarters in Birmingham with 400 employees. If the incentive package goes through that number could grow to 850

"They just started in the summer 2014 now it's summer of 2018 and they have gone from starting in Birmingham to over a 150 cities," Yates said.

To keep Shipt's headquarters in Birmingham the city council will consider an incentive package that will total $1.7 million. Jefferson County will offer another $720,000 in incentives.

City leaders see Shipt as a company with growth potential adding to the area's tax base.

"We want headquarters to be here for the jobs, but we also want those jobs to attract more jobs in terms of companies and other headquarters and grow Birmingham," Yates said.

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