Senator hopes to ban distracted driving in Alabama

Restricting cellphones for drivers

ALABASTER, AL (WBRC) - Distracted driving can be a problem. Just ask Jacarree Noble of Birmingham.

He knows firsthand what can happen with distracted driving. He was in an accident due to it - and he was the distracted.

"I was coming down the road. I was trying to change song and I wasn't paying attention," Noble said.

Noble lost control after hitting a pothole, hitting his face on the steering wheel as the air bag expanded.

"I'm happy I lived through it but at the same time I shouldn't have been on my phone," Noble said.

Alabaster Senator Cam Ward is looking to bring a law similar to Georgia's, forcing drivers to use hands-free devices or Bluetooth.

"It's a public safety hazard. Every other day you pick up a newspaper or watch on TV or look online about a teenager who died due to distracted driving," Ward said.

Despite it being a new law, some Birmingham drivers support the idea.

"It's a good thing they come up with because there is so many accidents happening on the road as people lose their lives because they are distracted by the cell phones," said Ricky Green.

Ward expects some will oppose his bill but others are demanding it.

"Families have reached out to me. This is a real problem out there," Ward said.

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