AL dentist meets daughter via

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - We always hear about people using to find out where they come from, but you don't hear a lot about long-lost dads or daughters connecting later in life.

That was an unexpected reality for one Tuscaloosa dentist and University of Alabama student.

"The very top result was JC Bennett, DMD is your father, so I was like this is crazy," said Laura Barnes.

It was especially surprising because 19-year-old Barnes took the test as joke, not knowing her biological dad was a local dentist in town.

"We kind of look a like this could be serious," said Barnes.

Barnes is originally from Louisiana. She looked her dad, John Bennett, up, sent him a message and the two met a few days later.

"She looked like she fit in perfect. She was just female, she was a girl," said Bennett.

Conversation was easy for the father-daughter pair.

"We kind of pieced together what had happened," said Barnes.

Long story short, Bennett didn't know he had a daughter. He received an kit for a Father's Day gift just to trace his roots.

"I matched with her the highest," said Bennett.

Laura fit right into the family getting along with John's two sons, especially the youngest.

"We complete each other's sentences. We talk about different things. Things we like together, we like lemons, we like sour cream," said Bennett.

Although this journey of finding one another was a surprise, Bennett said it's been a blessing in disguise.

"I mean, how do you describe a child you never knew about? She's smart, she looks like me. We didn't pick this story God gave us this story," said Bennett.

Another eerie similarity about this father-daughter duo is that both John and Laura had the same side of their shoulder dislocated.

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