Fraternity accuses Tuscaloosa restaurant of discrimination in federal lawsuit

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - Clifton Warren, President of the Tuscaloosa County Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc., claimed they gave Cypress Inn $1,500 up front in December to host a fundraiser at the restaurant's pavilion.

But things changed in February after fraternity members met with a Cypress Inn employee about the event.  "Statements that were made by representatives of Cypress Inn having problems with our kind in the past, just kind of disheartening," Warren said.

Warren claimed the original agreement called for Kappa Alpha Psi paying Cypress Inn for whatever security would be necessary. "Cypress Inn contacted us basically stating they would not be able to host the event due to inadequate security," Warren went on to say.

Cypress Inn said in a statement that it decided against hosting the event after meeting with the firm that provides security.  The security firm recommended against hosting the event because the fraternity was selling tickets to the event and cited a concern for public safety.

"We felt that was a clear blatant attack our fraternity, on our brand and the things we represent in the community," Warren said in conclusion.

In a statement, Cypress Inn says:

  1. The Cypress Inn does not discriminate.
  2. The allegations of discrimination made in this lawsuit are completely untrue.
  3. The Cypress Inn made a decision not to host this public party after consulting with the firm that provides security and advice and services to the Cypress Inn.
  4. Our outside security firm recommended against hosting the party because the fraternity was proposing to sell tickets to the public and our security firm strongly recommended against hosting that type party out of concern for public safety.
  5. We look forward to presenting the complete facts to the Court.
  6. We are confident we will prevail.

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