RECIPE: Cast Iron Grouper Royal Red Mezcal Ceviche

Cast Iron Grouper Royal Red Mezcal Ceviche

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - 6 oz butchered Grouper filets 
Slab Benton's Bacon Lardons 
4 baby Vidalia small dice 
6 to 8 Chayote Squash cubed and seeded
Chopped parsley oregano to order small bunch that will be cooked in butter in cast iron
12 royal reds large fresh blanched in salted vegetable water for 4 minutes

Let cool then chop in thirds

Small dice seeded cucumber diced heirloom tomato. 1 to 2 sizes depending. 
Juice of 2 satsumas 
2 Meyer Lemons 
3 Persian limes 
orange bell pepper small diced 
Bunch of cilantro chopped. 
1 Serrano pepper chopped and seeded 
1 shot of Mezcal.

Mixed in Stainless bowl salt pepper to taste.

Fresh jumbo lump crab shallots chopped and sautéed fresh tarragon chopped lemon juice squeezed in butter sauté pipe into blossoms when cooled down
Tempura batter 
Salsa Verde 
2 to 3 anchovies 
1/2 cup capers parsley basil oregano garlic lemon juice salt and pepper olive oil high quality in a blender til sauce quality.