Jefferson Co. BOE asks member to resign after social media posts

The Jefferson County Board of Education has asked member Donna Pike to resign over some controversial social media posts she shared.

A community activist confronted Pike about the posts during a meeting earlier this month.

Pike is accused of sharing a disparaging post about former White House Staffer Valerie Jarrett and former First Lady Michelle Obama.

“It saddens me to know that we are having to deal with this from a board member,” said Craig Goolsby, a parent of two students in the district. “As a concerned parent, I asked Ms. Pike to step down from the board.”

Since Pike is elected the board cannot fire her, they can only pass a resolution asking her to resign.

“It sets us back. We are trying to achieve Unitarian status in the Jefferson County school district and a comment like that from a board member sets the entire school district back,” said Center Point High School Principal Van Phillips.

Pike was not at the meeting on Tuesday.

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