Neighbors want to see changes after early morning homicide at Central Park gas station

Several crimes outside gas station

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - "We just want the crime to stop," said Central Park Neighborhood President Susan Palmer as she stood outside the Marathon Gas Station on Bessemer Road where 30-year-old Denorris Barnes, was gunned down while changing his tire. "We want the violence to stop."

Palmer believes the location is a hotbed for crime. On Monday morning, a man was murdered. Two days ago, women were the targets of armed robbers.

Neighbors like Palmer said these are just the most recent incidents. "It's because of the location, you have a free getaway. You have Bessemer Superhighway right over here. The store right here has been one of the stores in our neighborhood that has a high rise when it comes to crime," she continued.

The store has several surveillance video cameras that capture the crimes. The store owner turned in the video for the robberies and this murder.

Palmer said the store owner is doing everything right, but people still don't feel safe.

"We are hard-working people trying to survive just like the next person," continued Palmer.

Police aren't quick to blame the location. "We think it's the wrong place wrong time and whoever committed this crime took that opportunity to do it," said Sgt. Johnny Williams with Birmingham Police.

He believes that could be the case in this early morning homicide. Williams said they have leads including a possible description of a car. "It may not be that particular location is a target point for victims. It may just be that place and time where they suspect wanted to commit that act," he continued.

If you have any additional information, contact the Birmingham Police Department.

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