Mountain Brook schools facing Title IX lawsuit

MOUNTAIN BROOK, AL (WBRC) - The parents of a girl who is a junior at Mountain Brook High School have filed a federal lawsuit contending discrimination against the city school system.

The title nine lawsuit was filed last week. The suit provides pictures comparing what is offered to the boy's team versus the girl's team.

The lawsuit says: "The locker room for girls' softball lacks restrooms and running water and is furnished with aged metal lockers and industrial tile flooring, whereas Mountain Brook Schools provides boys' baseball with a locker room featuring restrooms, wooden lockers, and carpeting."

The suit claims the daughter and other female athletes would suffer irreparable harm due to violations of their rights and not being able to compete on an equal basis to the boy's team.

Mountain Brook School Superintendent Dicky Barlow released the following statement: "Our school system takes pride in the accomplishments of its female athletes, who have earned 106 out of our 164 statewide championships. That success does not stop us from constantly reviewing how we can improve our programs. Such is the case with our softball program. We will continue, as we always do, to look for ways to assure this program, as with all our programs, meets the needs of our students."

The lawsuit is seeking a declaration of discrimination, a permanent injunction against further alleged practices, and attorney fees.

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