Community Policing Revitalization headquarters set to re-open

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - A building that has been closed for months will soon have new life in the West End Community.

"We will have officers that are housed in that building as well as city staff. We will work with the community to educate them. We hope to have some pop up services in the community," said new Director of Community Engagement  Brandon Johnson.

He laid out the plans for the space on Friday, saying the city wants to take a holistic approach to strengthening  community police relations.

"There is a strong emphasis on prevention and I believe that between strong  preventative programs , strong community police relationships, our ability to enforce and stop crime will be greatly increased," he said.

There was a ribbon cutting for this same building and a similar program last August. It was opened under previous administration. Johnson said moving forward, this program will be different.

"The previous focus was purely law-enforcement arresting people, stopping  crime," Johnson said. "We have an eye at  prevention. What do we do with community members when they haven't committed a crime? How do we engage with them in a non-crisis, non-emergency situations and also re-entry. How do we re acclimate people who have been in the criminal justice system when they return back to the community."

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