New Birmingham company simplifies shopping local online

Katharine Davis (Source: WBRC)
Katharine Davis (Source: WBRC)
Seth Griffin (Source: WBRC)
Seth Griffin (Source: WBRC)

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - A company in Birmingham is on a mission to outkick the competition with respect to shopping online.

It's called Outklick. The new company wants to give you that Amazon experience, but ensures the dollars you spend will go back to your community and schools.

Outklick is beginning its pilot program in Mountain Brook, and reaching out to locally owned stores who want to build a presence online. Store owners get their own website, ads, and in some cases, major success.

Katharine Davis owns OffBeat Blooms, a Mountain Brook company with a passion for flowers and local art. It's also one of the first to partner with Outklick.

"It was a really obvious decision to jump on board," said Davis. "I mean it makes so much sense. There's sort of no downside."

Outklick built her website, giving her the ability to reach customers beyond the Mountain Brook region.

"For Mother's Day, we had 75 orders, which was nuts and awesome," she said.

With the help of Outklick, she was able to ship to five different states. And every single one of those orders benefitted the Mountain Brook economy.

"You have the convenience of shopping on an Amazon like experience but knowing that anything that you find and purchase is going to be putting dollars back into your community," said Outklick Chief Creative Officer Seth Griffin.

Griffin has been working for the past few months, reaching out stores in Mountain Brook to join Outklick.

"We have a site where you can go pick your community," said Griffin. "You can search for anything from sporting goods to tacos and you can find that on the site if someone in your community offers that."

But they don't just build your site, they advertise it for you as well.

And along with the economical benefit of shopping local online, a percentage of the merchant's fee for partnering with Outklick goes to local schools.

"I'm thrilled that anything that I'm doing could give back to the school system," said Davis. "I just think the whole community is going to benefit from this in such a positive, tangible way."

Griffin said Outklick is working to launch sites for other communities.

Soon, you will be able to go to and type in your zip code, then search for the item or service you're looking for.

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