Not enough money to fund five-year-paving plan in Birmingham

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Money is running out for paving projects around the city of Birmingham.

The city says there is some money for existing street paving projects in the current capital budget but not enough to keep it going under the five-year- paving plan created under the previous administration.

Mayor Woodfin called that plan an unfunded mandate. The city says there's enough money to fund it for about a year or so and that's it.

"Street paving is a priority to all of us. I know we have this five-year plan but literally, there's no capital balance left and historically that's all we been funding street paving under," Woodfin told a city council committee this week.

Mayor Woodfin did share with council this week his wish to work together to come up with a long-term comprehensive paving plan and ways to support it financially. We'll keep you updated.

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