Window shattered, tools stolen from church under repair

Kay Williams (Source: WBRC)
Kay Williams (Source: WBRC)

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Shattered windows and tools were taken from an abandoned church building that volunteers have spent more than a year trying to rehab.

And the whole idea was to serve children.

"The only thing left is this piece of the ladder," said Grace Works Director Kay Williams. "We had extension ladders in here, we had a 10-foot ladder, we had 8-foot ladders, we had sledgehammers, regular hammers, we had crowbars."

Tools Williams and volunteers were using to bring life back to this abandoned church.

But she said someone stole those tools.

"I couldn't believe someone would steal from a church, from children. And then I realized, yeah they can," she said.

Williams, with Grace Episcopal Church in Woodlawn, has plans to renovate this church for the Grace Works youth program.

"We've cleared out all of these rooms, all the walls," she said. "So we were going down the hallway here, and we were to that point there."

But work halted after someone broke into the church through this window.

"It was like a punch to my soul. It was like, how could someone steal from a ministry who is trying very hard to teach children self-respect and that they have a purpose in life," she said.

Now, without the tools, Williams said they're relying on prayers and donations to continue their goal of building a safe environment for children in the area.

"People have setbacks all the time in their life, and this is just one little bump in the road. And we're going to keep going forward," said Williams.

This Thursday, Grace Works will have their Carpentry Day for kids to work on projects at the church.

If you'd like to donate tools or your time, you can email Williams at

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