UA professor talks likelihood of IUD infections

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - One woman recently lost her ovaries, uterus, and toes after an IUD ended up in her stomach. An IUD causing a major infection like that, according to a UA professor and doctor, is a bizarre case that happens to probably less than 5% of women who use it.

"I got the impression she had an extremely rare complication on top extremely rare complication. The IUD itself migrating out of the uterus that is not a common thing that happens. Of course, I'm filled with sympathy for this person she had a horrible complication," Dr. Cecily Collins UA assistant professor.

One that has impacted her life forever, the 25-year-old Baltimore based mom lost her ovaries, uterus, and toes after her IUD went into her stomach and then to her liver after surgery causing the infection.

"The uterus is a muscle and in some instances, the IUD will just travel through that muscle we don't know why it happens in every case," said Collins.

Dr. Cecily Collins said some women can be more sensitive to the IUD hormone itself or someone women have uteri shaped differently.

"They all have side effects they all have benefits and it's just a matter of deciding what works best for you," said Collins.

"Personally, I'm on the pill I can see what I'm putting in my body it's much less of a foreign entity. Also, if I were to choose to get off the pill I could easily transition without having to go to the doctor or have some sort of procedure," said Lauren Crawford lives in Tuscaloosa.

Dr. Collins said in the studies they've looked at 85% of women have no issues with the IUD.

She also tells me out of all the birth control options out there, like the pill or shot, IUD has the least side effects and is the most effective.

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