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Work underway to fix foundation problems at Gwin Elementary School


Right now, crews are digging up the ground around part of Gwin Elementary, testing soil and measuring to see what is causing foundation problems at the school.

“This past school year we noticed some settling with the steel pillars in a couple of  zones on this campus and our operations department took the proactive measure to check out the soil and some of the fittings in the buildings,” says school district spokesman Jason Gaston.

The Hoover School Board approved emergency funding of $150,000 so that repairs could take place this summer. After initial tests are complete, the district will seek bids from three foundation repair specialty firms. The hope is the work will be complete before school starts back August 8.

Like with a house, Gaston says it’s important to spend the money now, to prevent a bigger more costly problem later.

“When you detect something like this you want to make sure you address it right away. Instead of delaying it, kicking the can down the road, we are taking care of it now, during the summer when teachers are away and students are away so as not to disrupt the school year,” says Gaston.

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