Cullman Co. woman attempts to lure child to car with chocolate

CULLMAN COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - A Cullman County family and the sheriff are warning parents to keep an eye on their children after a suspicious person was reported there.

"We were all taught in school never to take candy from a stranger," said Lauren Moore, a Jones Chapel resident.

However, on June 2nd, Moore says a woman pulled up outside the family's home and offered her son a piece of chocolate.

"Those are typical behaviors of somebody that has ill intentions," said Moore.

But it didn't stop there. About a week later, Moore said the woman was back.

She reportedly pulled over into the family's driveway to let a neighbor pass, who was able to snap pictures of the gold Ford Taurus with no tag.

The Moores believe there was nothing innocent about it.

"The first time sure, coming back sitting in my yard, when they know we're not home, I don't see it being innocent," said Michael Moore, the child's father.

Cullman County Sheriff Matt Gentry says this is a good reminder for all parents.

"It's just being real vigilant with your children," he said. "Tell them that, 'hey if you're at the grocery store, at home, and you do not know a person, don't have a conversation with them. Go get a parent.'"

The Moore's say this experience has been eye opening, and they hope other parents will hear their story.

"You know I'm not a hovering parent but, now that's probably going to change," said Lauren Moore.

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