Former Blount County deputy facing domestic violence charges

JEFFERSON COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - A former provisional deputy with the Blount County Sheriff's office is behind bars charged with domestic violence assault.

27-year-old James William Parsons, III is being held in the Jefferson County Jail with no bond.

Here in Jefferson County, he's been charged with two cases of domestic violence assault.

Authorities say he met both of his victims through social media.

Both women have now filed for protection orders against James Parsons.

One of the women says in April, Parsons tried to strangle her while she was brushing her teeth at his home.

The second woman says in May, Parsons told he would get rid of her and that no one would know and that he would shoot her and claim mental insanity.

Parsons used to work for the Blount County Sheriff's Office, but resigned in April.

Officials there would not tell us why, but Monday, authorities here in Jefferson County addressed Parsons and his former profession.

"When you're a law enforcement officer and that happens and you're arrested for it your career is over.  So he will never be in that position again.  I think that's proper.  I think that's good news.  Some people would say, 'Well, why do you hold him to a higher standard?'  Because you have to," says Jefferson County Chief Deputy Randy Christian.

Parsons is also charged with assault and harassment from incidents that happened in Blount County in May.

We do not know if it involved the same two women or others.

But officials there say that investigation is ongoing and there are likely to be more charges there.

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