Hot Rod Power Tour comes to Hoover

Hot Rod Power Tour comes to Hoover
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Vincent Bruno's 1957 Cadillac
Vincent Bruno's 1957 Cadillac

HOOVER, AL (WBRC) - Vintage cars, Hot rods, custom trucks, muscle cars, all on display at the Hoover met on Monday, for one day only.

More than 5,000 vehicles are participating in this years Hot Rod Power Tour, which stops in 7 cities in 7 days. Hoover, was day three of the tour. Organizers say it's more than a car show.

"Hot rod power tour really encompasses everything awesome about the automotive hobby. It's a road trip filled with autocross drag racing, car shows celebrities, music, and 5,000 of your new best friends," says  Jonathan Mill General Manager/Publisher of Hot Rod Magazine.

The tour travels across the country over a span of seven days Hitting places like Chattanooga, Tennessee and Raleigh, North Carolina. It's an annual event, though each year the tour stops in different cities. The last stop, becomes the first stop the following year.

"We have done the tour for 24 years now. We start where we stopped. So it's an ongoing road trip around America."

This is their 3 time to stop in the Birmingham area.

"We love it here. Traveling from any area around here into Birmingham is just gorgeous. It's God's country," says Mills.

All makes and models of rod rods, street rods, custom trucks, muscle cars and vintage vehicles are welcome. Participants pay a fee to show their cars, but the event is free for spectators.

The cars are from all over the country, and even the world, and some are from right here in Birmingham. About 3,000 participants are "long haulers" and will make every stop on the week long journey. Others will go along for a day or too. Some locals just come out for the one day show, like Vincent Bruno. His 1957 Cadillac convertible was a favorite at the show Monday.

"It's all the original sheet metal," Bruno boasts. "With four coats of paint, and six coats of clear."

The car is a beautiful blue, it's a Ferrari paint color called Zero California. A color so pretty, that Mr. Bruno has painted all his vintage cars the same color.

"I have too many of them," he grins. "Every car I've got is that same color."

He like the other participants are spending the day relaxing by their cars, chatting with enthusiasts and spectators. There is live music and a beer garden to keep everyone entertained too.

"This event it really awesome for everyone. The car veterans to someone who just saw the grandfathers '32 Ford and wants to learn more. It's a good group of people and a really strong sense of community so we all help each other if we break down." says Mills.

It's a passion that is passed down through generations. One father brought his 5 year old son, and his father in a wheelchair, to check out the show.

"Hot rod is all about heritage," say Mills. "I really look forward to teaching my son to drive in a 100 year old car."

The tour stop in Hoover ends at 7pm on Monday June 11th. You can see the rest of the tour stops, and keep up to date about next years tour, here

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