Keeping your animals safe in intense heat

Keeping your animals safe in intense heat

(WBRC) - As temperatures rise, veterinarians are beginning to see more patients.

Vets become busy this time of year treating animals from heat-related things, such as snake bites - since snakes come out in warmer weather - and animals suffering from heat stroke.

One veterinarian is warning you to be mindful of the time you spend outside with your pets. The heat can damage the paw pads on their feet and cause your animal to get too hot.

We're On Your Side with some ways to keep your furry friend from getting too hot. Vets suggest limiting your dog's time outside to around 30 minutes, keeping plenty of water on hand, and using a wet towel to cool them down.

If your dog shows any signs of heat stroke, like extreme panting or weaving as they walk, take them to a vet immediately.

Get more tips on keeping your dog cool this summer at this link.

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