UPDATE: Man declared dead to have insurance reinstated by Monday, per attorney

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Good news for a local veteran declared dead by the government. It appears he's finally getting help to restore his life.

Kyle Nuss got a visit in the hospital Friday from representatives from the Social Security Administration. His attorney telling us his health insurance should be reinstated by Monday.

That's something Kyle been fighting for after he says Social Security mistakenly declared him dead in late May. That happened after Kyle's dad died unexpectedly in early May. Both share almost the same name.

Chris Reid, Kyle's attorney, tells us Social Security representatives did come and apologize for the mistake. A mistake that left Kyle with no health insurance and frozen bank accounts. This all happening after a number of our stories got the attention of lawmakers and the White House this week.

"I personally along with Chris and everyone else want the people who were responsible to be held accountable and for this to be fixed," Nuss said.

Social Security declined multiple interview requests but, in a statement, said:

"Due to privacy laws we cannot comment on this specific case. However, these are high priority cases and we resolve them quickly. We have reached out to Mr. Nuss and his representative directly to address his concerns.  We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused Mr. Nuss."

Kyle's attorney says Social Security told him the agency always moves quickly and the efforts of the media and elected officials had nothing to do with it.

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