Chaplain turning loss of brother into message of hope for others

HANCEVILLE, AL (WBRC) - A Hanceville woman whose brother took his life in 2015 is turning the pain of losing a loved one into helping others.

In 2015, Karen Cook's brother Johnny killed himself after his son died in 2010. Karen says Johnny couldn't live with the pain.

"He lived with guilt that he never should have lived with and a tremendous amount of hurt," Cook said.

Since her brother's death, Karen founded Cook Ministries. She speaks about suicide awareness and how people can get help. Karen says suicide is the 1th leading cause of death in Alabama.

"Statistically it shows that there is one suicide every 11 hours in Alabama. So if you think about it there's already been two people that have died today," Cook said.

Karen's mission is to help bring down those numbers. Her organization provides a listening ear to those in need. Karen tells us helping others heals her soul

"As much as we have done for others. I could never repay what they've done for me because in helping someone else that's where I have found healing," Cook added.

Karen's organization is holding a suicide awareness training session on June 16th in Cullman. You'll learn the warning signs so that you can help someone in need.

You can learn more about the event here. You can find more information on Cook Ministries here.

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