Woman on mission to clean Cahaba River Trail

Woman on mission to clean Cahaba River Trail
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IRONDALE, AL (WBRC) - An Alabama woman is on a mission to clean up the Cahaba River Trail.

She said it's gotten so bad that trash cans are overflowing and pollutants could be getting into the water you drink.

She said all it takes is some volunteers, some trash bags, and a little sweat to clean up this trail.

"What a great way to spend a summer day in the south," said professional environmentalist Ginny Brown.

Brown visits the Cahaba River Trail pretty often.

"It's beautiful. And it's free. But still, we have to be better stewards," she said.

Brown is talking about the litter sprayed across the trail and the trash cans overflowing.

"Well you can see the early beginnings of a trash pile over there," Brown said as she pointed to beer cans.

Several pictures posted on Facebook showed just how bad it can get.

"This looks like a landfill," said Brown.

And now that summer is here, she said she needs your help keeping this trail and the water clean.

"It can be a real health risk. We pick up a lot of diapers that are just left," said Brown. "When people bring their dogs out and do not clean up after them, it washes into the water ways, and fecal matter is fecal matter. And that leads to possible e coli and other sicknesses. And that gets into your waterways."

Brown said after speaking with the city  of Irondale, she was told workers can only come weekly to empty these bins.

But Brown said that's not enough. And that's where you come in.

"People have to have personal responsibility. If you pack it in, pack it out. Don't pack it in and dump it for someone else to pack out," said Brown.

She said she doesn't want the police to come out and write people up for littering.

She said instead, just bring a trash bag with you and leave the land like you found it.

Brown said she's heard from several people who want to volunteer at the Cahaba River Trail to clean up the trash.

If you'd like to get involved,you can email Brown ad ginnybrown2013@gmail.com.

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