Homewood Planning Commission approves Edgewood Manor Development

Homewood Planning Commission approves Edgewood Manor Development

HOMEWOOD, AL (WBRC) - A new development could be coming soon to Homewood. The city's planning commission approved a request this week from Kessler Homes to re-zone several lots off Carr Avenue and Saulter Road.

This is the second time the developer appeared before the commission asking to build 12 homes on the lots, and improve infrastructure to the area with a new road.

Their request in April was denied, but after making changes to the plans, including lot size and roof height, the commission approved it.

The plan directly impacts Ben McCullars, whose home sits right in the middle of the development. He says he supports the idea. "I think it's a good decision. Homewood is a changing place and people are moving in that want nice things, and we're going to build it for them."

Right now, two of lots are in flood plains. McCullars says the development will actually help solve some of the water problems in the area.

"Infrastructure will help solve water problems, issues that we knew we were getting into when we built the house but its also going to increase property value. I mean they are going to be nice houses," says  McCullars.

Dozens of residents protested the plans, with concerns around the density and style of the houses, as well as concerns about traffic and school overcrowding.

Homewood Superintendent Dr. Bill Cleveland says the Edgewood Manor development would not cause any strain on the school system. The houses would be zoned for Hall Kent.

McCullars says he understands the concerns, but says this is progress.

"I get it. But Homewood is a changing place. Its not the Homewood it was 10 years ago. Its not the Homewood it was 20-25 years ago. If people want to come in here and buy homes as long as its within the law, they can do what they want with them," says McCullars. Right now, one of the lots is vacant. The other has a house that is in serious disrepair.

"Take the gift. You're turning something that is not up to par and is kind of falling in and it's only going to help the area," says  McCullars.

It's now up to the City Council to approve the plan. Monday (June 11th) night they will set a date for a public hearing, before taking a vote.

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