Gas prices in Alabama are lowering

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - You don't have to tell drivers they were paying more for gas over the last month or so, but the good news is prices are starting to lower.

AAA of Alabama has been charting the gas price increases, but now the upward tends appears to be over.

"There is good news. We are seeing prices d rop back down a little bit. They haven't d ropped much to this point - just a few cents per gallon. Prices are heading downward, which is whole lot better than prices heading upward," said Clay Ingram with AAA.

Nationally, prices are at about $2.93. In Alabama, the current average it's $2.63, which is down from $2.65 on Thursday and up from $2.08 last year.

Ingram said the prices will d rop a little bit more but should hold steady for much of the summer.

Drivers will take all the good news they can get.

"Its a necessity for us being able to travel that is a good thing for us. Me, my friends like to travel. It's summer time. It made my summer a lot better," Kyle Harrell said.

Ingram said gas prices should d rop even more after Labor Day with vacations over and students back in school.

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