Chelsea annexes 85 acres to expand city limits

CHELSEA, AL (WBRC) - Shelby County remains one of the fastest growing areas in the state, but a recent study is narrowing down the exponential growth in Chelsea.

City leaders are working fast to accommodate all the growth, including annexing 85 acres of land into the city limits this week.

City Councilor Scott Weygand says the city is working to continue that growth by expanding their footprint on the map and increasing space for development.

"Our city map kind of looks like a block of Swiss cheese, so we have a lot of holes with in our city limits and we are trying to fill those in," he said.

Weygand says while the council is busy doing this they are also working to accommodate the increased population.

"We are working on roads, we are trying to handle traffic, we are trying to work with our schools and Shelby County schools to make sure they're prepared and the more amenities our City can offer building ball fields community centers," he said.

Weygand also says the population growth is helping fix one of the city's biggest problems of bringing more business to the area. More rooftops in the city makes the area more appealing to businesses.

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