White House now responding after government mistakenly declares disabled vet dead

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - A local veteran is still waiting on the government to bring him back to life. This after he was declared dead last month. Time is now of the essence because of his health. The White House is now responding to the case.

The fight continues to get help for 28-year-old Kyle Nuss. The disabled Army veteran was mistakenly declared dead last month by the Social Security Administration.

"Stuff like this shouldn't happen," Nuss said.

Our reporting now has the White House looking into Kyle's situation. A Trump administration official tells us they are "on it" and adds  "Let's see what we can do". Senator Doug Jones and Congressman Gary Palmer's offices are also assisting.

"Personally going through all of this. I wouldn't wish this on anyone else," Nuss said.

Kyle technically doesn't have health insurance because he doesn't exist after the Social Security Administration issued him a death certificate after his dad with a similar name died unexpectedly in May. Since then, Kyle's bank accounts have been frozen and his health insurance cancelled.

A "Saving Private Kyle" GoFundMe page has been set up to help pay for some of his medical expenses which are piling up.

"The smallest thing overlooked creates the biggest problems," Nuss said.

Kyle's attorney believes he could possibly qualify for experimental treatments if his health insurance was reinstated. Kyle has a little over 20% lung function right now.

"He's got to get his health insurance fixed. He's trying to get experimental medicine..one that just came out maybe a month ago and everything that they've done is actually hurting his ability to recover," Chris Reid, Kyle's attorney said.

There is some good news on Kyle's heath. His lung function is improving. He says his body is finally reacting to antibiotics and steroids.

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