Summer tutoring program helps Tuscaloosa-area HS students with AP courses

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - Kids from some Tuscaloosa-area high schools hope to get better prepared for some Advanced Placement courses by studying with college students over the summer.

Avanta Little, a rising senior from Tuscaloosa County High School, is one of the dozens getting extra attention this summer from college instructors and students attending the University of Alabama.

"And it's pretty nice because it's prepping us for a better understanding on how to do better, if not greater, in our classes," Little said.

Seventy-five high school students from Tuscaloosa City and Hale and Tuscaloosa counties high schools are involved in College First.

Little and other high school students want to become better prepared to take college-level Advanced Placement courses in math, science and English by participating in this two-week program summer program.

"In chemistry, I plan on being a chemical engineer and knowing how the basis of substances and mixtures in this classroom help me better understand the job that I want to go to," Little said.

Taking and passing those AP exams will also earn them college credit while still in high school.

"So the ones we do, we really want to make sure they can take advantage of the courses and use them for what they're meant to be used for in order to get a leg up when they get to college," said Katelyn Dodd, a College First Coordinator.

College First has been an ongoing summer program at the University of Alabama for nine years.

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