Potential relocation of UAB Medical West gets mixed reactions

BESSEMER, AL (WBRC) - People are reacting to the possible move of UAB Medical West Hospital from Bessemer to Hoover.

Hoover is eying property off of Stadium Trace Parkway. This week Hoover mayor Frank Brocato told the City Council taxes need to be raised for a $20 million incentive package. Brocato didn't mentioned the company but said it was a $300 million investment and a 1,000 jobs.

Ronald Dale Carter, who travels 51 miles from Centreville to Bessemer, said he doesn't want the hospital to move.

"It meant a whole lot to me. This is where I come all the time. This is where I had my surgery. I've been in and out of here for the last 30 years," he said.

Another patient, Gala Jarrell, is open to the move.

"It's a real nice area over there," Jarrell said.

Bessemer mayor Kenneth Gulley is not giving up on the hospital.

"It's been in the city since the Carraway days and it's an amenity to the city. Obviously a hospital we definitely don't want to lose." he said.

A decision for potentially moving the hospital could come in 30 or 60 days.

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