How was a 15-year-old boy able to steal a MAX Transit bus?

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - It's been several days since a 15-year-old allegedly stole a MAX bus, but it still hasn't been announced how this happened.

We also continue to ask officials over the MAX Transit system how exactly the young man was able to steal the vehicle.
MAX has sent us three statements since Monday, however, none of them answer the direct question.

As we first reported Tuesday during a Jefferson County Commission meeting, an official with Jefferson County Youth Detention told commissioners the teen was able to steal the bus when the driver went inside a store but left the keys inside the vehicle.

When WBRC asked MAX officials to confirm if that were true or erroneous information, the sole response was "erroneous information."
We reached out again Wednesday, asking the same direct question - how was the teen able to steal the bus?

As of news time, they had not given an answer to that question, but sent a statement similar to two provided earlier this week:

The Birmingham-Jefferson County Transit Authority does not offer Sunday service. In light of the recent event, we have reviewed our policies and procedures for bus operations. We continue to dedicate ourselves to the safety of our 300 plus employees and the many customers who depend on us. We are thankful there were no injuries and are glad that this issue has been resolved.

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