VIDEO: Hear what the new Shelby County superintendent is planning

SHELBY COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - The future of Shelby County schools is in new hands tonight. Voters elected Dr. Lewis Brooks as their new superintendent Tuesday night.

Dr. Brooks says his first goal for the future is implement more ways of innovative teaching and learning into all schools. Adding more stem classes and thinking outside the box in ways that they teach their students. He also says that he believes one of his biggest challenges ahead is the growth of Shelby County and how they will expand the school system to accommodate to that growth.

"We look at projections in increments you know in 5 years 10 years, So certainly that will be one of the challenges in the future as we move ahead," Dr. Brooks said.

Dr. Foster says he recognizes that he has big shoes to fill with long time superintendent Randy Fuller retiring but he says he is thankful that voters trusted him to make it happen.

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