Animal control officers issued bullet-proof vests

JEFFERSON COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - Authorities in Birmingham and Jefferson County are stepping up security for animal control officers after all five were recently issued bullet-proof vests.

Officers say this became a priority after a recent incident where they felt threatened while on duty.

Donors helped raise enough money to purchase five of the $300 vests.

"The minor inconvenience is worth the feeling of safety and knowing that if something happens you'll survive it," said Animal Control Manager Olivia Swafford. "I've done this job for a while, and it's few and far between, but I would say when it happens, you would definitely want to have the safety precautions in place to know that you're going to be safe."

Swafford also says this added equipment is just to increase security for the officers. The officers have not taken on any additional roles or responsibilities.

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