Alabaster, other areas offer free summer feeding programs

ALABASTER, AL (WBRC) - Family and friends are enjoying lunch at Meadow View Elementary on Monday - the first day of the summer feeding program offered by Alabaster City Schools.

"You know, when we're going in between Vacation Bible School and camps that are here and if we just want to go play on the playground one day, we can feed the kids, it's easy," says Marie McCain.

"It's a healthy place for them and there's room in the lunchroom for everyone," says her daughter, Madelyn McCain.

From now until July 20, the school system will offer free lunch to anyone 18 and under at Meadow View and Thompson High School. Adults can eat too for just $4.

It's the fifth year the system has offered the service.

"There's only about 10% of the children that are on free or reduced lunch that have access to food during the summer months. Most of the time they don't have parents home or don't have food in their house," says Heather McDermott, director of child nutrition for the system. "We have a lot of families that come in and eat and really appreciate them and have an opportunity to come here and eat with us."

Heather Fritz cares for her little brother and sister during the summer and sees the benefits the program provides. "They enjoy it a lot because they are in school and they do have that balance every day and so just coming back and eating here, it does help a lot during the summer," she says.

Alabaster City Schools is just one of many school systems participating in the program.

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