How to deal with 'stranger danger'

TUSCALOOSA COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - Tuscaloosa police say they were able to arrest a suspect quickly because the young victim knew just what to do if she was in danger with a stranger.

"That's why the investigation happened as fast as it did," Lt. Teena Richardson told WBRC.

Police credit an 8-year-old sexual assault victim for helping them catch her accused attacker.

On Tuesday, officers arrested 67-year-old James Don Edwards on charges of sexual abuse.

They say he grabbed the girl and touched her inappropriately after she left a playground at an apartment complex on East 3rd Avenue.

"That is the best thing parents can teach a young child or any child not to entertain conversation with people that they don't know or are strangers to them," Richardson said.

The girl got away and ran to an adult and told them what happened. That person contacted police.

Richardson suggested teaching kids to get away from someone who may do them harm and alerting others that someone may have harmed them.

"They see that something is going on. Then they know how to react to it. They know something is wrong and they can respond accordingly," she concluded.

Upon request, Tuscaloosa Police will put on a stranger danger class for elementary school children.

Edwards remains in the Tuscaloosa County Jail tonight on bonds of $30,000.

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