How to unsubscribe from those advertisement papers left in your driveway

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - A lot of people like get coupons and flyers in the newspaper for consumer deals, but others don't want to flyers dumped at their house, especially when they are not at home.

The flyers come to homes where people are not subscribers to the Birmingham News. The flyers usually go to subscribers in the Sunday edition. But in Homewood and Mountain Brook, you see on the message boards about those who don't want flyers at all. They consider them clutter and sometimes end up trashing their yard.

The Cahaba River Society says they are concerned the flyers may end up in the waterways. One Homeowner tells WBRC FOX6 News he tried to stop the delivery and did for a while, but it resumed again.

"We were off on a two-week vacation. We came back and there were eight or nine in our driveway. There are a couple they throw each week and we have two driveways. So it signals to burglars that no one is at home," Joey Sanders said.

You can terminate delivery by calling at the Birmingham News at 205-325-2211 or 800-568-4123 or emailing  The company does admit because they change carriers often sometimes when they terminate service another carrier will start it again.

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