JeffCo using new E-Poll books to avoid crossover voting

JeffCo using new E-Poll books to avoid crossover voting
Source: WBRC video

JEFFERSON COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - Jefferson County election officials hope to have a better handle to prevent problems from crossover voting.

This is where voters who vote in one party's primary doesn't crossover and vote in another party's runoff. Today. about 500 E-Poll books are going out chief inspectors at the county's 172 precincts  The electronic tablet will sign in voters.

Notepads will no longer be used. Voters will touch the screen and pick their party primary ballot.  Election officials say it will prevent mistakes from crossover voting last year.

"Last summer with the special U.S. senate election we had to decipher people's handwriting and that was difficult and mistakes were made across the county. This puts its back on voter. They get to decide which primary to participate in," said Jefferson County registrar Barry Stephenson.

The tablets cost Jefferson County about $500,000, but Stephenson said the county should get several elections out the tablets before they have to be replaced.

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