Are you recycling the wrong things?

Are you recycling the wrong things?
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HOOVER, AL (WBRC) - If your recycling doesn't get picked up, it might be because your bin is contaminated.

"Plastics contaminated with food waste. You know you take a pizza box, it's cardboard, but also if it has pizza on it's contaminated," said Sam Dillender, General Manager of Santek Environmental Services of Alabama. "If it has food waste in it, it can contaminate the whole load."

In Hoover, they've seen the number of contaminated containers go up slightly in recent years.

It's part of the reason city leaders and the waste company recently sent out flyers letting people know what they can and can't recycle.

If you put the wrong thing in there, your recycling will stay at the curb.

"Typically we'll put a card hanger. We try to call the city and notify them that we're leaving this particular cart or let them know we're leaving this particular house unserviced on recycle day and they'll we have to pick it up on trash day," said Dillender.

Not that big of a deal, if it's caught.

However, if crews miss it and the contents are taken to the recycling center, the price to process it and dispose of it can more than doubles.

That cost will eventually trickle down.

"And eventually what's going to happen is the cost to do those services will go up," said Dillender. "At the city level to the customer level so to speak. Because even though in the city of Hoover it's a single pay, ultimately the citizens are paying for it."

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