Alberto sure to bring more mosquitoes after rain

Alberto sure to bring more mosquitoes after rain
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BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Once the rain from Alberto leaves, the mosquitoes will soon follow.  

Vincent Winfrey with Alabama Professional Services says it's the pooling of water that can make for good breeding grounds.

"Anytime you have stagnant water that's going to increase the population of mosquitoes, it doesn't take long.  For instance, a five-gallon bucket of water can produce thousands of mosquitoes," Winfrey says.

That's why he says it's important for homeowners to get rid of that pooling water, be it in tires, buckets and leave them flipped over if possible.

"Even your gutters in your home. If your gutters are not draining properly, then that's another harboring where mosquitoes can come in and they can begin to nest and breed there."

Something else that may help, Winfrey says, is to have your yard sprayed for mosquitoes every month.

But realize there are some limitations.

"It's not a complete elimination because if you have mosquito service at your house and your neighbors don't then a mosquito can fly from their place to yours without being effected.   So it's not an elimination, it's a reduction.  But it does help tremendously."

Winfrey says a spraying usually lasts twenty-six to thirty-five days, depending on the weather, and it can help treat other pests, too.

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