Pelham residents thankful for help after dealing with water leak for years

Pelham water issues resolved

PELHAM, AL (WBRC) - Good news for a Pelham subdivision dealing with a water leak for years.

Once our On Your Side investigators got on the case, the city fixed the problem in a matter of days.

Neighbors thought the water was coming from an underground spring in front of a house on Aaron Parc Court. Turns out it was a broken water main. Two days after our story aired showing the problems, the city of Pelham crews were out repairing the pipe. The area is now mostly dry. The broken water main was in Charle Scott's front yard. He and his neighbors can't thank us enough for help.

"Nothing would have happened I don't believe had you not gotten involved. The fact that we've been suffering from this for about four years and nothing was done and no one would speak with us means that you were really the catalyst for getting this done," Scott said.

In the process of finding out the problem, crews left Scott's front yard in a mess. They have assured him they'll get everything back to normal. We'll follow up to make sure that happens.

In a statement, City Manager Gretchen DiFante tells us:

Our new managers in the water and street department and our interim engineer have worked to get the issue resolved for the neighbors.  The yard needs to be fixed, but we will need to have a few days of no rain in order to fix this and do a quality job.  I have let the neighbors know in the future they can call me directly if they do not receive a timely response to their questions and needs.  That said, we have put some great people  in place over the past month who I am confident have serving our citizens and businesses as a top priority.

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