Gov. Ivey calls for immediate implementation of school safety measures

Gov. Ivey calls for immediate implementation of school safety measures
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BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey is calling on schools to immediately implement tougher measures to protect students.

Those recommendations are coming from the SAFE council convened by the governor to address school safety and prevent school violence.

That council submitted a report to the governor that had 10 action items aimed at increasing school security. Some of those items will require legislative action. But the others that were recommended are the ones Gov. Ivey would like to see those implemented immediately.

There are five recommendations that include creating a threat assessment model, creating a real-time incident reporting system and creating a virtual threat reporting platform. But some parents say those recommendations don't go far enough or get to the heart of the why the violence is happening as much as it is.

"What's causing the violence? What is the history? And really come up with some real solutions that are coming from students and teachers because they know," says Birmingham parent Juliet Easlick. "But people aren't listening to them. Their voices need to be heard and their solutions need to be implemented."

WBRC reached out to several superintendents in the area to get their response to the recommendations.

In a statement, Hoover Schools Superintendent Kathy Murphy said:

"We welcome the recommendations of the S.A.F.E. Council. Keeping students safe is paramount. In Hoover City Schools, we have many of these recommended measures already in place. That said, we continually review policies and procedures to ensure best practices and welcome this guidance from the S.A.F.E. Council."

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