More frustrated homeowners come forward about water leaks D.R. Horton-built homes

More frustrated homeowners come forward about water leaks D.R. Horton-built homes
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CALERA, AL (WBRC) - We're getting more calls about issues with homes built by a national company. The issue is water lines installed in the homes.

A Calera homeowner who doesn't want us to reveal her identity is fed up with issues with her water pipes. She bought her D.R. Horton built home in 2010 and has been having issues ever since.

It started out with cracks in her foundation then turned into water leaks. She says she lost 30,000 gallons of water under her foundation. As a result, she says all the water lines in her home need to be replaced. She's been on a D.R. Horton waiting list for a year. In the meantime, she's afraid to cut on her water.

"I've been bathing with just water splashing on me, drinking water stuff like that because you can't run your water. I want them fixed because this is no way to live," the homeowner said. "It's a constant struggle not knowing from one day to the next what's going to go wrong."

There are also a number of cracks inside her home. One stretches across her kitchen.

"You should not have these kinds of problems with foundations with tubing anything else thats structural," the woman said.

Her next door neighbor is having some of the same issues. Water is starting to collect in her kitchen. She also didn't want us to reveal her identity.

"I don't know where the water is coming from and I'm thinking, 'Am I on a pond or something?'" the homeowner said.

These homeowners are not alone.

Last week, LaTarsha Williams contacted us about water pipe issues in her home in Trussville. She's also got a crack in her kitchen floor. She called D.R. Horton and someone did come and fix one of her three water leaks but left her home in disrepair.

The homeowners feel they are getting the runaround from D.R. Horton.

"It's extremely frustrating. And they're not willing to work with you as far as come out on the weekends or when you tell them hey I need you to come out, they say we can't do it. Its always what they can't do," Williams said.

We did receive a statement from D.R. Horton:

D.R. Horton has been and will remain steadfast in our commitment to resolving the water pipe issue. Any homeowner that does experience a leak should contact D.R. Horton's local warranty department at Once a formal warranty request is received, we will arrange to meet with the homeowner for a home inspection at the homeowner's earliest convenience.

We've also learned there's a class action lawsuit against a plumbing subcontractor hired by D.R. Horton that did work in thousands of homes the company built. We're working to get more information on that lawsuit.

We've also found complaints against D.R. Horton in other parts of the country. We're working to get more on those as well.

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