Police called on man at Hobby Lobby who was trying to make a return

Police called on man at Hobby Lobby who was trying to make a return
Hobby Lobby. (Source: WBRC video)

TRUSSVILLE, AL (WBRC) - Brian Spurlock is still in shock by what happened Tuesday a Trussville Hobby Lobby Store. "They profiled me. They did not want me in their store and that's all it was about," said Spurlock.

He said he was trying to take back an item with a receipt. He said an associate told him they couldn't return the item because it had been opened and asked the manager to step in for help.

"The whole time  I'm thinking that this lady is calling corporate about this machine and she's calling the police."

Trussville Police responded. Spurlock described the exchange with the officer:

"He said where is your ID. I say what do you need my ID for. He said what's about to happen is you are about to be trespassed from the store.  He got my ID and he walked off and he when he ran my name and he came back I checked out. I was clear. He comes back with my ID and he never explains to me why he needed my ID."

In a statement from Trussville Police, a Lieutenant said their dispatch office received a call from Hobby Lobby concerning someone in their store that they believed had written bad checks and made fraudulent returns to their store.

Hobby Lobby was going to trespass the person and wanted an officer there at the store.  Police ran the customer's ID and it was expired.  He was told to have someone come up to the store to drive him home.

"Everything caught me by surprise and it really hurt me. It confused me. I didn't know what would have happened if I told the police officer that I'm not giving you my ID because I didn't do anything. Then he would have tried to apprehend me and then it could have been worse."

Spurlock said he called his girlfriend who showed up and filmed what was left of the exchange.

"It could've been handled better. It wasn't really about I look like somebody. I really would appreciate if you would stop treating people like that," continued Spurlock.

Eventually, Spurlock was able to make his exchange and receive a full cash refund

WBRC reached out to Hobby Lobby early Wednesday for comment. We have not heard back from the company at this time. The story will be updated with a response once we get it.

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