Top 3 career choices graduating high schoolers should consider

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - In the last few years, the growth of Alabama's manufacturing industry has been nothing short of impressive. Within a 200-mile radius of the Birmingham metro, there are 10 manufacturing suppliers like Honda, Hyundai and Mercedes.

"So there is a great need for folks who have interest in manufacturing, whether that be industrial maintenance, C and C machinists," says Brittney Smith, manager of workforce development for the Birmingham Business Alliance.

She points to industry and technology as two of the top career choices students should consider when graduating high school.

"A report released last year said that Birmingham had the second fastest technology job growth in the nation so that's pretty impressive," Smith says.

And then when you talk about technology, technology crosses every sector: finance and insurance, health care, even advanced manufacturing.

A third career choice in high demand - the healthcare field.

Not surprising, the national success of UAB.

But what if a student doesn't have an interest in those areas?

"My first question would be, 'Why?'" Smith asks. "And a lot of times that's just due to lack of exposure. I want to encourage you to get exposure, make sure you're participating in a job or internship. Use your summer and be intentional in identifying the right career path for you."

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