Frustrated neighbors finally getting help with water leak after years of complaints

PELHAM, AL (WBRC) - We're getting help for neighbors after they called WBRC about a water leak that's so bad it's causing part of a road to crumble.

There's a steady stream of water coming out of Charles Scott's yard onto the street in his Aaron Parc subdivision. About three years ago, he says an underground spring popped up. The water has been flowing ever since and he and his neighbors have been trying to get the city of Pelham to do something about it.

"It's been extremely frustrating because the city really will not contact us and will not assist us at all," Scott said.

The water snakes its way across the street and eventually down the curb into a nearby drain but in doing that its causing parts of the road to give way.

"It's been so frustrating that pot holes have developed in the street and I've had to go and try to fill it up with asphalt on my own in order to get it repaired," Scott said.

Melinda Murphree lives across the street. She's more than frustrated about the problem.

"You can't walk down the street or drive down the street without getting it on your feet or you have to go up in the yard. It's just a nuisance and just uncalled for," Murphree said.

Murphee feels the neighborhood is getting the run around from the city

"They just tell us it's not their problem. They tell us they don't have enough money to fix the street. One time they told me that my house was built on a sandy foundation which is very alarming," Murphree added.

In 2016, Scott did install a French drain which isn't cheap to try and ease the situation. He says city officials asked him to try and get the water out of his yard and then they would take care of the rest..

"If they could find a way to make it go directly to the drain without spilling over into the street and causing the problems that it causes for all of us that would be good," Scott said.

Scott and his neighbors feel the problem could eventually have a big impact on the value of their homes.

"If by chance some of us needed to sell our home, we could not because of this water problem," Murphree added.

After we made a few calls, the city of Pelham is now taking a closer look at the issue. In a statement, City Manager Gretchen DiFante whose only been on the job for eight months tells us

"It is clear that water has run across the road on a regular basis causing damage to a city street. It looks like the simple installation of a drain along the curb to the sewer would provide a solution. However, first we will verify that and second, the city can only take that action if the area that involves the solution is wholly in the city right of way. Once that is verified, we will need to determine cost to know whether we can take care of it now or put it in the budget for next year."

DiFante says as long as the fix can take place completely within the city-owned property, the city has no problem fixing it. DiFante didn't give us a time frame and says the city would need to "determine cost and resources and make assignment of those dollars and resources."

Scott says he doesn't believe anything would've been done if we had not gotten involved. We'll stay on top on it and let you know what happens.

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