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JeffCo D.A. wants plea agreement removed for bus driver who wrecked allegedly drunk

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The Jefferson County District Attorney's office is looking to throw out a plea agreement reached with Mark Pierce, the driver who wrecked his Hoover school bus after allegedly driving drunk.

Jefferson County D.A. Michael Anderton said Wednesday mistakes were made by his deputy handling the case.

He's asking the judge to cancel the deal, which would have allowed Pierce to attend the Jefferson County Deferred DUI Prosecution program. Anderson said Pierce had a commercial drivers license, which under Alabama law, makes him ineligible for the program.

The prosecutor also contends there was significant damage to the bus and Pierce's blood alcohol level was too high. Both he says would also disqualify the defendant.

"Pierce entered an agreement with the deputy district attorney handling the case where in the B.A.C. was stipulated to be lower to 14. This should not have been agreed to by the Deputy district attorney," said Anderton.

Despite the mistakes made by his office, Anderton said he's going to ask for Pierce to be removed from the program because he provided false information on his application.

Pierce's attorney, Mark Polson, told WBRC that the District Attorney's office should know who's eligible and who's not for the program. He says he took their word that his client was eligible. He plans to fight the matter in court.

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