17 year old organizes 5k run to support Foster Children

17 year old organizes 5k run to support Foster Children
Amelia Pak

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - There is only foster care center in Jefferson county that accepts both boys and girls. That means siblings can stay together.

"I have two brothers, and I can't imagine being away from them if something happened to our parents," says 17 year old Amelia Pak.

That's why when she heard about Children's Village she decided to organize a 5k run to support their mission.

"They recently acquired a new property that they want to open up as a transitional home for kids aging out of the foster care system. I was kind of like 'that is awesome' and something I could definitely help out with," says Pak.  "So, I decided to organize this 5k run to help fund the renovations they need."

Pak is a junior at Altamont, and is part of the school's "Miree center," which encourages members to find a project that will impact their community in a positive way. But she's pulling off the run, all on her own.

"I actually organized the run completely on my own from start to finish," says Pak.  She started a website, gathered sponsors, and even organized for food trucks and entertainment after the run.

Only thing is, she won't be running it herself.

"I actually hate running with a passion, I run track but I only do sprints, the longest distance I run is 400, and that's one lap. And I play soccer." Says Pak. She also does pole vaulting, and is on the varsity volleyball team. "I do think athletics and being active is a really big part of a healthy lifestyle and it's a really good way to bring communities together."

The run is set for Saturday May 19th at 9 am at Red Mountain Park, rain or shine. You can register online, or the day of the race. There is also a one mile run for those who don't want to tackle a 5K. To sign up and learn more details, check out the race website here.

"Come out it will be a really great time and it support really great cause," says Pak.

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