Clock is ticking for BJCTA Board to act, or lose funding

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - The clock is ticking for the MAX transit board as Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin has threatened to pull funding if his mandates for transparency aren't met.

During a three-hour BCTA committee meeting held Wednesday, there was no mention of what - if any - steps the board is taking to meet the mayor's mandates.

On April 30, Woodfin threatened to yank $10 million in BJCTA funding if board members did not address three critical action items by the end of this fiscal year which is June 30th.

Those actions:

-create a leadership stability plan attached to a timeline
-mandate a minimum twelve hours of board training
-establish rules and procedures for the length of board officers' terms

Board member Martin Weinberg says there's been no discussion amongst the full board about any of the action items and he's concerned.

"I don't think the mayor would have said it and I don't think Councilor O'Quinn would have made his comments and other individuals would have made their comments if they weren't serious," Weinberg said. "It's not something you play politics with when people need transit to get to work, to get to medical appointments, get to see family and friends--relying on it for their basic daily needs. I don't think they would play politics. I think they're very serious."

The day after Woodfin made his announcement, he met the two BJCTA board members, including chairman Darryl Cunningham.

At that time, Cunningham assured Woodfin that steps were being taken to approve accountability. He says those efforts are still being made.

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