Mickey: Summer-like weather pattern

Mickey: Summer-like weather pattern
(Source: WBRC weather)

We begin our morning with overcast skies and temps in the 60s. Look for scattered showers to develop this afternoon, with highs in the mid-80s and light winds.

We do have moisture in from the gulf, but it makes our afternoon weather pattern very Summerlike.  Our best chances for rain will be in the heat of the afternoon today.  But it's going to be widely scattered, and not everyone is going to get wet.  Look for a high in the mid-80s with light winds.

THE REST OF THE WORK-WEEK: There are lots of events happening this week including Do Dah Day, Regions Tradition, and numerous graduation ceremonies Friday night. Scattered storms and showers will be developing over the next several days, with Thursday being the day with highest rain chances. A low-pressure system will be lifting out of the Gulf and there is a much lower risk (10%) for tropical development with this system.

WHERE? Since the coverage is going to be scattered, it's going to be hard to pinpoint exact locations for these storms and showers, so the best advice is to monitor radar trends on the app and keep an eye out for lightning alerts. That said, forecast data suggests the showers and storms may be more numerous at times east of I-65. These showers and storms should move along causing temporary delays rather than prolonged periods of rain.

WHEN? The peak timing for the shower and storm development will be during the afternoon and early evening hours as temperatures rise into the 80s, although it will feel hotter due to a more humid air mass.

ANY SEVERE WEATHER? The risk of organized severe weather will remain very low. however. a strong storm, with more frequent lightning, gusty winds, and heavier rain can't be ruled out.

THE WEEKEND: I'm expecting a more typical summer setup for the weekend. This will mean periods of sunshine for Saturday and Sunday, with highs in the 80s and feels-like temperatures in the 90s. A few pop-up showers and storms will be likely in the afternoon and evening hours so keep an eye on the sky. A boundary will approach from the northwest by Monday and there is a chance this may cause another increase in the coverage of showers and storms early next week.

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