HVAC expert says using Allergen filters could cost you big

HVAC expert says using Allergen filters could cost you big
Air filter. (Source: WBRC video)

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - It's that time of year when we all start using our air conditioners again. But if you have allergies, you might be doing something that could cost you big money if you aren't careful.

Some of us use a type of AC filter to not only stay cool but stay allergy free.

"Using an Allergen filter in your unit, you could end up having lack of air flow," said Will Dobbs Will Dobbs LLC HVAC services owner.

Will Dobbs owns an HVAC company in Tuscaloosa and said using that Allergen filter can cause a negative pressure on the AC unit resulting in it not working properly.

"Maybe of the far distance of the house you'll notice that it's warmer than normal and the air doesn't seem to be doing its job," said Dobbs.

Dobbs said changing your air filters monthly is one of the cheapest ways to keep your AC unit from breaking down saving you $500 to $1,200 if there is a leak or refrigerant problem.

If it breaks down altogether, Dobbs said you're looking at $5,000 to $12,000 to replace it.

And if you do your routine filter maintenance checks, Dobbs suggests maybe trying a lower grade filter, like if yours is an 8, maybe try a 7 or 6 to see if that helps. That's a do it yourself method first to try before calling in an expert.

Dobbs said Allergen filters usually run a grade 9 or higher making it easier to clog it up.

"If you do have heavy allergies look into getting an air purifier this will take the load off of the air conditioner trying to not only condition the air but clean the air," said Dobbs.

Also, Dobbs said having an HVAC tech check your AC unit once a year to make sure everything is ok could save you a lot of hassle overall.

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