Mickey: Scattered showers developing from a subtropical low

Mickey: Scattered showers developing from a subtropical low
(Source: WBRC weather)

We begin our Tuesday morning with clouds into east Alabama and mostly clear skies west. Temperatures began in the 60s to 70s.

Look for variably cloudy skies today with a few scattered showers pushing into our area, highs near 90-degrees and winds at about 5 mph.

We are looking at mostly cloudy skies to finish out the workweek with highs in the 80s and overnight lows in the 60s to 70s.

This subtropical low will bring us periods of rain through the weekend and into next week. It will be dry at times and other times it will rain. Severe storms are not expected. We will probably see between one to two inches of total rainfall with this system. And, most of our rain and storms will likely fall in the heat of each afternoon.

A couple of good things about this system: We need the rainfall, and folks will be able to save on their water bill by putting the sprinklers away for a while; and, the clouds and rain should keep our temperatures cooler each day, even though it will be muggy.

So, keep that umbrella handy for the next seven days.

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