Several organizations defunded in Birmingham's proposed budget

Several organizations defunded in Birmingham's proposed budget
The Birmingham City Council and public meet about the proposed 2019 budget. (Source: WBRC video)

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Several organizations and nonprofits have been defunded or significantly cut in the proposed 2019 operating budget of $436 million for the city of Birmingham.

At a public hearing on Monday night, the community expressed their concerns.

"We have some money in the budget, but we need your help for lights, but also for court resurfacing," said one man representing the James Lewis Tennis Center. "There are a lot of substandard conditions that exist at the James Lewis Tennis Center. We definitely need your help," he continued.

From a small dollar amount to a major one, the cuts vary. The Sister Cities Program asked that the organization receive $225,000.

"Our funding has been cut," said a representative with the program. "We have 12 cities. We have sent hundreds of people overseas and we have received hundreds of people here in Birmingham bringing with them their business and culture," she continued.

The Birmingham Urban League has also asked to restore its funding of $181,000.

"We want to grow with the city and more importantly we want the people to grow with the city," said an Urban League spokesperson.

The councilors listened, asked questions, and took notes.

Council President Valeria Abbott said it's important to hear from the community. It appeared councilors had their own concerns about this proposed budget.

"I went through the budget, page by page and wrote up what I thought was an issue on every single page," said Abbott.

She wanted to know about the cuts to unfilled positions with the police department and public works.

"The most complaints we get is about public safety - people having issues with crime in their neighborhood and public works issues. They want more people to come out to straighten up and fix up," she continued.

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